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the curriculum for law enforcement so it can be presented in a straightforward and serious manner. we started wit then it has grown into training law enforcement officers to go in and teach this program to the kids in the school. >> cheryl: i understand, lieutenant, there is no charge for this? >> absolutely not. we train all officers for free. >> cheryl: there is no program like this anywhere in the country? >> this is the first and only one that is approved by so it certifies all training that police officers do in the state as being good solid training. >> cheryl: i saw some video and you talk to the kids yourself? >> right. that is my favorite part is go in school and talk with the kids and try to help guide them making better decisions in life. >> cheryl: can you define the term cyberbullying. >> it's an adult term. it's bullying whether it's mean harassing someone or dealing with technology and media it's cyberbullying. any person bullying and bullying to kids, it's just interwoven. >> have you heard some pretty horrible examples? >> there are some very horrible examples. it could be anywhe
a law office was guilty of that fire and two others. we go now live with the latest on the story. alan, it sounds like they have made the connection. >> and they think he set a funeral home and church on fire too. we found out the connection goes back more than a decade ago. >> when the mayor surveyed the damage of his burned out law office last month, he told abc7 news he believed the attack was politically motivated. >> i can tell you the motive was not politically motivated. he has disdain for the system and the rules we are governed by. >> reporter: 44-year-old maud love used an ago sell rent to set fire to the mayor's office. >> did the mayor even know who he was, who he is? >> again that's not something i want to comment on. >> reporter: according to family members, love asked the mayor to handle his mother's estate after she died in 1999. love ended up being forced out of the house his mother owned and family members say love has always blamed the mayor. records show love filed a civil suit against obey -- osbey davis. >> we have been looking at him as a lead in a series of arso
. >> we need to change attitudes. we need to change the law. we need to increase protection for people who are being trafficked. >> it will increase penalties from human trafficking to 12 years to life with fines up to $1.5 million. law officers would be required to two hours of training in human trafficking and convicted trafficker would have to register as a sex offender. >> it's to stop the victimization of children and women being treated as slaves. >> prop 35 is supported by a long list. it's financed by more than $2 million from former facebook executive chris kelly. opposition is led by the erotic service providers legal education and research project. >> it will not bring any protection to sex traffick victims. it's not based on any evidence that shows it works. the evidence shows that education is what is a bigger deterrent. >> they believe prop 35 of sex trafficking is too broad. >> we think it's anti-prostitution piece of legislation under the guise of rescuing victims. >> the aclu is against them because it requires all sex offenders to register online screen names with law enf
of the law. the city also plans to pursue repayment for the destroyed bus. one of the guys who tried to stop that vandalism there from happening after sunday's game got hurt in the process but he was a guest of honor at today's ceremony for the giants. vic lee tonight with a couple of good samaritans on that day and a story -- it is a story you will see only on 7. >> we saw all this chaos going on and it looked like a war zone. >> reporter: on sunday, 28-year-old simon and his friends celebrated the giants sweep like other fans. they saw the chaos as they were walking towards market and third. he got worried when saw you people lighting fires in the street. >> there was a lot going on and there were children in the crowd. i was trying to urge them to get out of there. >> he saw a man holding a steel barricade in front of a muni bus. this man whose picture was widely circulated in the social media. >> and the gentleman smashing the windows in it and there were people surrounding it and starting fires. if you see something wrong happening, step in and do something. >> reporter: and he did. he
up about live after divorce and why age is nothing but a number. then at 4, anti-smoking laws are restrictions leading to better public health? then at 5, what is in for for california students now that endeavour has reached its final destination. those stories and more today. >>> let's check in on hurricane sandy, east coast bracing for the worst for what forcasters believe could be a deadly superstorm, airports, schools, government agencies, transit, all closed along the eastern seaboard, 10,000 flights cancelled expected to make landfall within hours. mike has the latest ii >>> out of -- dover delaware spinning there, strongest thunderstorms within 50 miles of atlantic city now is starting to accelerate northwest almost 30 miles per hour you can see it is going to be there over the next two to three hours when the rain is going to get heaviest, when the storm surge is going to be the greatest our fastest winds around no 60 to 65 miles per hour. >>> from all of us here at abc7 news thanks for joining us. >> we will continue to cover hurricane sandy. the weather team will upd
is a school day uc hastings law has cancelled classes tomorrow because of the parade. san francisco schools will be open the superintendent released a statement saying every moment of instruction is important and encouraged parents to keep their kids in class. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> mass transit agencies are beefing up service to help you get to and from the parade. bart opening more and longer trains. caltrain and muni adding extra trains some will be rerouted. we posted all details at >> you can watch the parade live tomorrow at 11 a.m. right here on abc 7, we'll also stream it live, and on our ipad app. >>> maybe the school kids can watch in class that way. >> we are going to be out there, excited for that. mike we are hoping for good weather, not wet. >> it won't be wet for sure parts of the bay area will be for trick-or-treating later in the day. that and your forecast coming up and how much long they are fog is going to hang around causing flight arrival delays into san francisco. a lot of changes in the forecast. >>> first, new details emerging abou
, nondramatic contact with law enforcement. >> so we can get to know them better. if we are in danger or something is happening, like nearby you, like we can always trust the police and we can call them. >> reporter: important phrase there talking trust the police objective for chp and oakland pd to do something about the crime rate which has been going up this is happening at no cost to the city of oakland. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> we've just received word the jury has the case in the trial of a former san jose elementary school principal charged with failing to report molestation of 8-year-old girl if convicted lyn vijayendran faces up to six months in jail. the former principal at o.b. whaley trpltry tried to explain to the jury request they did not report a disturbing incident involving a teacher. she said she stayed quiet after the teacher convinced her he blindfolded that student as part of a lesson plan. >>> in fairfield police are looking for a couple stealing mail in the middle of the day. neighborhood watch group provided this video to police it shows a man and woman
laws and damages complained of. she says she has absolutely no idea what the district is referring to. >> i guess there is some legal strategies involved, but for me this is not about a legal battle or a civil battle or a criminal battle. this is all about me telling the truth. >> all of our messages to the district and the former administrators named in the lawsuit went unreturned except for one. the retired principal said everything was handled through their attorneys and had no comment. our message to the attorney went unreturned as well. in the newsroom, lilian kim, abc7 news. >>> happening now, operation impact in oakland. chp units are rolling in to increase the police presence. the chp will provide help to oakland two days a week at no cost to the city. last year the chp also helped out oakland police in an anti-gang operation. and tonight oakland police are looking for the murderer of wilbur bartly. he was shot as he was closing up his metro cell phone store on international boulevard. his daughter said her dad didn't have any enemies. >> it is such a sad, sad moment. it is no
members of the group have tried to set up visits and all have been denied. >> if the laws were followed and her rights were observed and honored this would not be happening. >> they point to a document in every conserved person's court file. the conservator retains trite have advice torsion and california title 22 says a resident to have his or her visits and representatives permitted privately during reasonable hours and without prior noticed. >> if you locked her up grandmother in a jail cell, i go could to jail for it. >> i wanted to see if they were following the rules. i asked to see gizelle and another conserved woman. staff call the county than. >> residents, we to follow the rules. they have a court order that put them in charge of the resident. >> they told me by phone i couldn't see them until they made a background check on me. they instructed hem to call the police. >> why call the police on me? what danger did i pose to anyone at the nursing home? >> i think you and the public should feel good about that. that means that the public guardian acting as the conservator of indi
suspect for torching the law oices of vallejo mayor. of we shot this exclusive video after the fire in late september. mayor davis at the time called it a deliberate act of intimidation. suspect mr. love had filed a civil lawsuit against dave is in 2005 in connection with family probate matter. love also charged with setting fire at vallejo funeral home and church. love is being held at the solana county jail on 3 counts of arson tonight. >> 2 teenagers have been arrested for the murder of woman who was found dead in a castro valley house fire last week. here's a picture of one suspect. 18-year-old glove made his first court appearance this afternoon. investigators believe he and 16-year-old christian bird is all whose picture we don't have at this moment brutally beat the vichlt barbara lash and then set her body on fire to cover up a burglary. >> as we continue here tonight. citizen stichblingt victim of theft tells police about the criminal who stole the wheel right off her car. that story just ahead. >> new milestone for bart. take you through the tunnel that goes right u
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10